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The Restored Canvas

(by Anita Rosso)

 august 25th, 2007 - S.E. Mons. Germano Zaccheo, Bishop of Casale Monferrato inaugurates the restored canvas


The painting of San Bartolomeo, before and after its restoration


"The canvas, representing San Bartolomeo, San Francesco da Paola and San Pancrazio, dated 1715 and signed by Girolamo Tassistro was painted in Novi Ligure by the order of Count Guidobaldo Giuliani of Rome, devoted to St. Francis from Paola, which from 1713 to 1735 enjoyed the Benefit of San Pancrazio, bound to the Benedictine Abbey, where now is the castle of San Bartolomeo at Colma”.

The Association Amis d’la Curma has requested its restoration to the prestigious laboratories "Nicola" of Aramengo. The restoration has been a long job, due to the very bad conditions of the canvas.

The Association has collected the necessary funds, by organising many events, concerts, theatrical performances, etc..

Despite the efforts, the amount needed wouldn’t have been achieved in such a short time without the generous contributions offered by Prof. Damaso Caprioglio and his family, in memory of Italo del Zoppo and Rino Fara and by Mario Amesano in memory of his parents, Ortensia and Celeste.

The same for the security system: it has been implemented immediately thanks to the Patrucco family’s offer in memory of Franca and Oreste Palestro.
A postcard (copies are still available) has been edited on the occasion of the restoration.

A poster, now placed in the chapel, illustrates the canvas and displays the technical report by Laboratori Nicola.

(see the poster in pdf)



The restored canvas is back