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(by Anita Rosso)

The Association Amis d’la Curma was born thanks to the bounds of friendship and solidarity linking the inhabitants of the little village of Colma in the Rosignano Monferrato municipality; it was set up on November 13th 2004 and has its centre in the village of Colma itself, via Angelo Morbelli n.1. (see Steering Commitee  members).

Colma from Garriano

Amis d’la Curma is a non-profit-making association. Its main aims are: the realisation of recreation and cultural initiatives which strengthen the ancient traditions of the village and to raise funds necessary to preserve and restore the ancient Saint Bartholomew’s Chapel (XIX century).


the chestnut and the plough


The Association has its own statute which regulates first of all the admission of new members, secondly it establishes rights and duties,

finally it disciplines the economic resources and defines the roles of the constituent organs (Members of the general Assembly, Steering Committee, Chairman).

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